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Custom VPS Solution

Use the IamFX VPS to host your EA(s) and protect your EA code from being stolen or copied. Offer your clients your EA(s) free of charge (or as an additional post-sale solution) on IamFX VPS and increase your customer conversion rates and generate recurring and lucrative revenues from the trading volume your clients generate with your EA(s) on IamFX.

IamFX has designed and created a custom VPS solution based on our VPS hosting solution, which allows EA developers and EA vendors to profit from the commissions generated from trading of their EA(s) by their clients on IamFX. Your clients will have access to your EA(s) only through custom VPS pools hosted on our VPS servers thus guaranteeing the highest protection and security of your EA codes. Our high-end VPS system will assign your EA(s) only to clients referred to IamFX through your affiliate code (achieving maximized revenue) and you will be getting a recurring lucrative commission from the volume generated by your referred clients trading your EA(s) in the IamFX True Raw Spread STP/DMA trading environment.

Our Custom VPS does not require any programming nor technical implementation or development on your side. By using our solution, you can start offering/distributing your EA(s) to your live traders using IamFX VPS (free of charge, discounted price or full price), as the compensation will be generated from the traded volume on IamFX from the referred traders. Offering quality EAs under our setup has proven to increase customer conversions on the EA vendor side as well as to increase the EA vendor's revenues, which would be generated from the affiliate trade volume rebate commissions. In addition all EA vendors and developers using our solution get the full code protection on our VPS servers, which guarantess that no client will ever get access to the EA codes nor be able to download them.

Why IamFX Custom VPS Solution Why EA Vendors and EA Developers Choose Custom VPS Solution from IamFX
  • Easy and fast setup process
  • No programming or technical implementation necessary
  • Chosen EA(s) come preinstalled on each VPS of the referred clients
  • Minimizing the support load on the EA vendor's side
  • Partner compensation through a lucrative recurring commission generated by the trading volume of the referred clients
  • Increase of client conversions for the EA vendor/developer
  • Higher revenues for the EA vendor/developer
  • Complete protection and security of the EA code
EA Code Protection EA code Protection

Below find the generic overview of the security measures on IamFX VPS system:

  • Unix based system setup to offer the highest level of protection
  • Our enterprise-level hosting environment is managed by Rackspace - the world's leading provider of hosting services
  • Our setup is located in 3 major locations across the world namely USA, UK and Hong Kong thus offering the most minimal latency to our trading servers across the world
  • The VPS web based platform is completely accessed via an SSL enabled site which is the industry standard for web based protection
  • Our UNIX/LINUX hosted solution includes an "EA-Library" to protect the intellectual property of EA developers and enable them to easily publish, protect and distribute EAs in a safe and secure environment
  • Our setup is a "No downloads whatsoever" system, wherein protecting the EA code of our EA affiliate partners comes at highest priority. Hence our VPS system does not allow its users to download files from the VPS in any way
  • Since there is no way to download the EA files from the VPS servers, hence the maximum security and protection is achieved

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