MT4 VPS Hosting
Forex MT4 Cloud VPS Hosting

IamFX traders receive *FREE VPS hosting for MetaTrader and Expert Advisors.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) very simply is a service that enables a trader to have his or her trading platform hosted remotely. This connection avoids down time that can be caused by dropped Internet connections and power outages.

Fast Execution
Fast Execution

Having trading accounts, trading servers and VPS environment all at the same datacenter, IamFX trading environment is optimized for the lowest latency and fastest execution thus allowing orders to be filled at the very best price possible.

Simple Upload
Simple Upload

Having a simple EA upload tool built directly in the VPS control panel allows for easy and fast management of Expert Advisors and uploading of any MT4 file type into MetaTrader on the VPS.

Social Apps
Social Apps

The IamFX VPS control panel comes with fully integrated Social Apps for easy communication and following us through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube channel.

Web Access
Web Access

Quick access to VPS at all times is available through our web-based VPS control panel compatible with all the latest web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer.


To ensure stability, reliability, but also security and protection from Microsoft flaws such as Spyware and Malware, the VPS solution is built on servers with Linux/Unix environment.

Trade Ideas
EA Library

IamFX provides the clients with files of major EAs already pre-installed in the VPS EA library. Installation of popular EAs on Metatrader in the VPS is a matter of a few clicks.

Mobile Access
Mobile Access

For convenient management of trading accounts from anywhere in the world, IamFX makes available the popular Metatrader 4 trading platform with all its desktop functionality through all the major mobile devices.


VPS system provides 100% anti-download protection for all your EA files and scripts. Trade comfortably knowing your codes cannot be stolen by any 3rd party.

Cloud VPS Screen


Web Access

In these days of lightning fast order execution, down time of even seconds can cost the trader real money. As a result, a VPS has become a necessary tool for the trader's trading arsenal. We take into account the growing need for automated trading systems for the Retail Market, and its lag behind more mainstream development (Operating Systems, Personal Media, etc). IamFX VPS hosting package give our clients real-time access to their individual accounts. This gives you the ability to view, manage and trade in real-time through IamFX and host live Expert Advisors.

On Windows based VPS servers, if a user attempts to use too many resources, the VPS could crash and the user would be forced to upgrade to a more expensive package. In addition, problems inherent in the Windows Server Operating System can cause crashes and have limitations of its own. Specifically Spyware, Malware and Viruses can be major issues.

IamFX goes many steps further and currently provides the only VPS of its kind that is completely built on Unix/Linux and is 100% web based. As a result, there are no limitations on the operating system. In fact, the user can log in directly to his or her account from any browser anywhere in the world.

The IamFX VPS also uses special state-of-the-art technology whereby there are no limitations on RAM and disk space when compared to all of the other providers. Most importantly, up time is nearly 100% - a claim that most other hosting services cannot make.

In sum, a VPS is a necessity for those traders who want to protect their account from dropped connections and power outages.

* In order to qualify for complimentary access to Expert Advisor Hosting - IamFX VPS you must have a minimum of $100 USD in your account. Continued eligibility is based on the trading activity. For continued access to Expert Advisor Hosting, you must execute at least 5 round trip lots or the equivalent per month. We will reevaluate your eligibility every 30 days since the day your VPS account was assigned to you. Accounts that do not meet the minimum requirement will be charged a $35 USD amount (or similarly equivalent amount in other currencies) per Expert Advisor Hosting - IamFX VPS account.